Spirodoc manual

Spirodoc manual

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Page 1 II User Manual User Manual Rev. Available as a spirometer, combined spirometer and oximeter, or as an oximeter, the MIR Spirodoc® has filled an important niche in the field of. A detailed analysis of the most significant periods can therefore be performed: for example at rest or while exercising. The MIR Spirodoc touchscreen spirometer boasts the first ever three-axis oximeter and can be implemented as a stand alone or connected device via an integrated USB port or Bluetooth® 2. Spirodoc Spirometer/Oximeter demonstration.

Product Lifetime The SpiroUSB spirometer is designed for a product lifetime of 5 years. If necessary pay attention to the correct polarity “+” & “-“ when inserting the battery pack as indicated in the battery housing. If you are searching for a pocket respiratory laborator. • cititi instructiunile de folosire cu atentie si toate etichetele accesoriilor. From a single six-minute walk test, Spirodoc gives an estimate of the level of oxygen therapy required by the patient. 3 Software Update Revision History ver 8.

The Spirodoc features respiratory function tests, desaturation analysis (with optional oximetry module), daily home care questionnaire and diary, and motion analysis with a built-in 3D accelerometer. The oximetry sensor used in the manual is only one of the different types of sensors which can be used with SPIRODOC listed in paragraph 2. Effort and oxygen prescription: Spirodoc is the first "3D Oximeter" that integrates a triaxial motion sensor to relate saturation (% SpO2) with physical activity (pedometer, motion analysis, VMU). This device is available in three versions; with Spirometry Only, Oximetry Only or both Spirometry & Oximetry. spirobank II User Manual cod. 4 EN 4/46 WARNING When used as a pulse-oximeter, the SPIRODOC is intended for spot-checking, overnight sleep screening and/or continuous monitoring when used by a trained healthcare professional. Portable and PC-Based Spirometer, with Oximetry option Touchscreen Spirometer and 3D Oximeter.

In order to best satisfy the numerous needs of customers, MIR&39;s R&D team has developed a large number of software solutions. Page 4: Spirodoc User Manual Code Intended use The spirodoc spirometer and pulse oximeter is intended to be used by a physician or by a patient under the instruction of a physician or paramedic to test lung spirodoc manual function in people of all ages. Spirodoc LIFE – S. Intelligent Pulse Oximeter with on-screen results Simple and clear SpO2 and HR measurements with a view of the plethysmographic curve. Spirodoc is one of MIR most comp. The Spirodoc spirometer is available with DISPOSABLE or REUSABLE turbine flowmeter (optional accessories).

The benefit of this portable, handheld device means it can be easily operated as a standalone unit via the integrated touchscreen or be connected effortlessly to a PC. Espirómetro para Pruebas 6MWT, Analisis del sueño y Oxyholter (24 horas) Espirómetro MIR, Estudios de sueño, monitoreo 24 horas, test de caminata. The MIR Spirodoc + Oxi Spirometerincludes a WinspiroPRO CD, USB cable, lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, nose clip, belt with plastic case, adult reusable oximetry sensor, carrying case, users manual CD, and FlowMIR Disposable Turbines - Box of. Spirodoc is the first "3D Oximeter" to incorporate a three-axis movement sensor to correlate saturation level (%Sp2) to the physical activity. User Manual Software Update ver 8. 4 Issue Date 16 JanuaryCAUTION: FEDERAL LAW RESTRICTS THIS DEVICE TO SALE BY OR ON THE ORDER OF A PHYSICIAN Ver.

1 CD with user manual; 910610:. Smart Autocheck for Respiratory Assessment European Regional Development Fund(ERDF) – LIFE Regional Operational Programme (ROP) Project. OSAS (Obstruction Sleep Apnea Syndrome) has become something of an epidemic.

SPIRODOC Carrying bag SPIRODOC 672690 Device SPIRODOC 910575 User manual SPIRODOC USB cable Lithium-ion battery pack winspiroPRO CD 1 noseclip 4 paper mouthpieces * 1 reusable turbine 3 disposable turbinesAccessori Battery charger with micro USB connector COD. If you want that option please call us or view the MIR SpiroDoc + Oxi Spirometer. Spirodoc® carries out sleep desaturation studies and memorizes events as well as body position. This is a Quick Guide to help you getting acquainted with winspiroPRO® software for spirometry by MIR Medical. Ideal for Telemedicine, Clinical trials and Rehabilitation. Spirodoc Spirometer + Oximeter Includes: 1 WinspiroPRO CD, 1 USB Cable, Rechargeable Batteries, 1 nose clip, 1 belt with plastic case, 1 Adult reusable Oximetry Sensor, 1 carrying case and 1 Users Manual CD.

User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Tens Twin Stim Plus Medical Equipment. Spirodoc allows fast on-screen symptoms entry with settable questions and automatic answer recording (eDiary). The Spirodoc® is a versatile diagnostic and monitoring solution that facilitates both advanced spirometry and advanced 3D oximetry - perfect for patients undergoing respiratory rehabilitation and routine out-of-office monitoring. Winspiro Pro Network Edition Software includes 5 workstation licenses WinspiroPRO is the new software for maximum spirometry and oximetry performance, alread. User Manual Software Update: ver 2. MIR does not recommend any one particular sensor, the decision is left to the doctor who will choose the sensor which she/he believes to be more suitable. Select from our popular MIR Spirodoc Spirometer and related products.

If your unit requires service or repair, please see page 23 for contact details. 3D Accelerometer with motion analysis Spirodoc® is the first 3D Oximeter® incorporating a triaxial motion sensor to correlate the saturation level (%SpO2) with physical activity (walk counter, movement analysis and VMU). Shop @ The MIR Spirodoc ® Spiro is a highly portable, diagnostic handheld spirometer with pulse oximetry function (see more details below). Page 2 The winspiroPRO PC software supplied with the device MUST be installed correctly to the PC before connecting spirobank II spirodoc manual to the PC. • Aparatul spirodoc • 0 baterie cu litiu 3 V DC model CR 123 A • 1 manual Accesorii opltionale: • clips de deget cu sensor pentru oximetrie • sensor ‘wrap’ pentru deget pentru oximetrie pe o perioada mai lunga Inainte de a folosi spirodoc. MIR Software: MIR is world recognized for a wide range of software packages for specialists in respiratory illnesses, doctors and patients.

Spirodoc is the first "3D Oximeter®" to incorporate a three axis movement sensor to correlate the saturation level (%SpO2) to the physical activity (walk counter, movement analysis and VMU). Spirodoc Handheld and compact with superior functionality. The guide will show how to: - register your so. 3 HL7 Protocol GDT Protocol Please Log In or. Patient&39;s home-care symptoms diary. Toll Free:.

It also features fast on-screen symptom entry that is made easy by the touch screen with automatic answer recording for homecare patient use. User manual SPIRODOCcod. A full service manual including circuit diagrams and parts list is available upon request. We have 2 MIR Spirodoc manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual. Bluetooth and USB connections.

Order online, by phone. Learn more The device can be configured to operate with advanced parameters for full spirometry, reduced parameters set for simple screening and a simple mode for patient home use. Telemedicine anywhere: Spirodoc has it all. Tens Twin Stim Plus Manuals & User Guides. The MIR Spirodoc + Oxi Spirometer is a PC-based USB diagnostic device that features the capability to provide simple, clear SpO2 and Pulse rate measurements with plethysmographic curve. The Spirodoc spirometer with Oximetry option for the six-minute walk test (6MWT) with the new O2 Gap Index.

The device can be configured to operate with advanced parameters for full spirometry, reduced parameters set for simple screening and a simple mode for patient home use. Page 1 Spirobank Smart ENGLISH Before you use your spirobank Smart, please read this user manual, the labels and all the information provided with the product. Page 4: Spirodoc User Manual Code Intended use The spirodoc spirometer and pulse oximeter is intended to be used by a physician or by a patient under the instruction of a physician or paramedic to test lung function in people of all ages. Description MIR Spirodoc spirometer with 3D oximeter. Before using your SPIRODOC Read carefully your User Manual and pay attention to all the warnings and labels including all relevant information included with the product. User Manual Rev 2. Approved on: 26. Manuals and User spirodoc manual Guides for MIR Spirodoc.

3 Operating Environment. 90 Spirometer and. At the end of the installation, connect the device to. Spirodoc carries out a sleep desaturation analysis and memorizes events as well as body position, allowing a fast and reliable diagnosis. MIR Spirodoc Spirometer is a mobile laboratory for comprehensive respiratory analysis.

MIR Spirodoc User Manual (67 pages) Brand:. This in an introduction video to MIR Spirodoc, a touchscreen portable and PC-based spirometer with advanced oximetry option. Database contains 1 Tens Twin Stim Plus Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Instruction manual. It is small and easy to use.

Spirodoc manual

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